First morning in Scotland

April 28th, 2012 | Posted by m0lcm in General

I write this as we travel up the A82, wonderful scenery and great company – definitely a good start to the week!

The day dawned bright and sunny – blue skies with scattered cloud, and a brisk 7 degrees celsius as we travel along the shores of Loch Lomond on the way to the ferry port at Oban.

We’ll be doing a last shopping trip in Oban for perishables and then catching the ferry across to Mull.

As we are a larger group this year some of us decided to stay at a Travel Lodge and about half the group stayed at Gavin M1BXF’s parents last night – thanks again to their wonderful hospitality!

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  • Colin Nesbitt says:

    Thank you Guys for the nice comments – it was great to see you all again and though a wee bit hectic too short a time once again – Dot and I enjoyed seeing the old and new faces again – you all have a very productive week and don’t forget to post lots of photos so I can see how you’re progressing – I know others will be interested to see them too

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