Satellites at GS3PYE/P

May 2nd, 2014 | Posted by M1ACB in Isle of Lewis | Satellite Ops

Bob G1SAA put together a great ‘portable’ satellite station for the trip to Lewis. Bob, Pete 2E0SQL and Mark M0MJH  have been working many of the passes on  AO-7 (mode B), VO-52, FO-29, SO-50 & AO-73 :

Satellite-1 Satellite-2 Satellite-3 Satellite-4

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  • Nick says:

    Great job gentlemen, you’ve been sounding good over here in Vermont. Thanks for the QSOs! 73, Nick, KB1RVT

    • Thanks Nick, You had a lovely signal on the sats with us – it was a truly incredible location for satellite work with a clear view to the west down to zero degrees, even worked my first USA/VE station on SO-50 🙂

  • Mark M0MJH says:

    Hi Nick, thanks for all the contacts and sorry for calling you another name all week! Haha

    73 and hope to work you on the SATs again soon.

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