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The Decca and visitors

The Decca and visitors

Our home for our week on the Isle of Lewis was The Decca, owned by Pete and Louise. We couldn’t have picked a better location and couldn’t have been made more welcome. We did wonder if 13 radio amateurs arriving with so much equipment, taking over the garden for antennas and ‘re-modelling’ the houses for the …
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Big thanks to Toshio JA6AHB

One of the 23cm EME stations I worked was Toshio JA6AHB. Toshio has very kindly donated £20 to the Camb-Hams in thanks for his QSO with GS3PYE/P in IO68.  This is totally unexpected but gratefully accepted towards the cost of the trip. Here’s a picture from his website of Toshio’s magnificent dish   http://www15.plala.or.jp/ja6ahb/ Thanks Toshio!!

6m and 4m at GS3PYE/P

6m and 4m at GS3PYE/P

Gav M1BXF is a big fan of VHF, so he always takes the opportunity to improve the 6m and 4m stations each year for GS3PYE/P. Most of his shack made the trip up to the Isle of Lewis this year and you can see him at work in the pictures below :   The antennas …
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Satellites at GS3PYE/P

Satellites at GS3PYE/P

Bob G1SAA put together a great ‘portable’ satellite station for the trip to Lewis. Bob, Pete 2E0SQL and Mark M0MJH  have been working many of the passes on  AO-7 (mode B), VO-52, FO-29, SO-50 & AO-73 :

VHF & EME Stations in Flossie

VHF & EME Stations in Flossie

This year again, we have the higher band stations based in Flossie. Gav M1BXF and John G4BAO both put in many weeks of preparations for that stations before we left for Lewis and the photographs below show just how much equipment they brought to support the 6m, 4m, 2m & 23cm stations. There are also …
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7 Responses

  • John Martin says:

    Hi Gavin,

    As always I will be listening for your signals with my rather humble setup, FT897D barefoot ( 100W ) and homebrew G5RV running East/West. hopefully one of the lobes will be in your direction.

    John G8XLB

  • Great to see another expedition in the planning.
    With such a historic location….any sign of 472kHz this year?



    • Hi David,

      Probably not this year. We found two things last year which had lead us not to plan to take it this year;
      1. The noise floor, and QRM (from our own stations), was too high for us to hear anything. We never did decode or hear anything.
      2. The difference in ground conductivity between here when we tested everything vs the location on Mull 2013 last year was so different that the effort put into the matching system before leaving was wasted (it never worked out the box) and it we never got it right after trying all week.

      Hope to work you on other bands though, maybe 23cm EME? 🙂

      Gavin M1BXF.

  • Nice spot for radio this. Wondered about a trip there too so keen to hear how you get on. We’ll all be listening around Stirling as always and we’ll work from GA6NX on the Sunday and Thursday club night. Have a smashing trip fellas and be sure to call on S20 or on GB3FE as you pass through Stirling to say hello.

    Travel safe.

  • Merv G4KLE says:

    Nice to have a chat you today, lovely signal from your Expedition…73’s Merv G4KLE

  • Geoff - G0DDX says:

    Good to work you Merv. Worked Peter LHI this morning.

  • John says:

    Nice to be in the log well done 73s de 2m0jmn

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