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  • Looking forward to a great trip with a great bunch of Hams!

  • Phil Manning says:

    Best wishes chaps, following on Twitter.

    Phil G1LKJ

  • Tim M0URX says:

    Looking forward to hearing your team again this year, great web site as always!
    Fire up the Discovery!

    73 de Tim M0URX

  • Fred says:

    Just worked Isle of Rhum 59 both ways on 40m so Harris should be no problem. 40 is buzzing at the moment and conditions are favourable. Fred

  • Hugh G Roberts says:

    Good to have comms. with Lawrence this afternoon. Wishing you all a good stay on Harris.

    I used PYE equipment throughout 35 years in Search & Rescue comms.

    Hugh MW3HGR Barmouth , Gwynedd. 370 miles away from your transmitting qth at Liceasto.

  • Sue & Dave Ramsden says:

    Great to hear you on 6m under Auroral conditions. Have a good expedition

    Sue 2E0XJT and Dave G4YPV

  • KB1RVT says:

    Hello GS3PYE/P,

    Great to hear you on AO-51 at about 5 degrees elevation just now (1524 UTC). Did you get my callsign? I’ll keep trying FOR A QSO!


  • M6CTM Dave C. says:

    Impressive website, love the realtime logbook. Good luck on Harris.

  • Good luck to all of you, very impressive web-site!!! 🙂

    73s/88s Tammie M3ENF

  • Chris ON7KC says:

    Thanks for SSB QSO on 40 M band dear OM Adam. Terrific signal in east Belgium & very impressive online CallBook updated only 1 minute afer contact with me.

    Good Luck

    73s de Chris ON7KC

  • Manfred DM7DX says:

    hi friends,
    May, 3rd we had on 40m a QSO, time was 19:15.
    My call is DM7DX and you have in onlin log DM5DX.
    Pse correct it, tnx
    Vy 73

  • Brian (G6HFS) says:

    Hello all on Harris, hope all is going well, catch you on the band later.

  • Well done guys!

    Pleased to work you from my pedestrian mobile on both 40 and 80M SSB.

    From an ex Pye Telecoms employee ..

    G4AKC/Pedestrian Mobile, in Blackpool

  • Roberto IK1DFH says:

    Thanks for SSB QSO on 20 M band dear OM . Good signal in North Italy & very impressive online CallBook updated only 1 minute afer contact with me.

    Good Luck

    73s de Roberto IK1DFH

  • Dragan K0AP says:

    Wow, this is almost unreal, worked you this morning on 20m SSB and one minute later the Qso popped in your real time online log. Thank you for this very exciting contact and new IOTA for me.
    Good luck to the team and I wish you many Qso’s from Monach island.

    73 Dragan K0AP, Z32XX

  • Fritz says:

    tnx for the excellent dx-pedition, hope wx is not too bad.
    vy73 enjoy the pile-ups!

  • George says:

    Thanks for the FB QSO !! vy vy impressive site.
    Good job lads! All the best from Greece to the Outer Hebrides…
    – have fun –
    George , SV7LWV

  • John says:

    Very pleased to have worked you on the Monach Islands on 40m. Hope to make it on 80m later tonight.

    For those of us interested in WAB, please confirm which of the Monach Islands you are operating from. The APRS satellite map suggests this is Ceann Ear, is this correct?


    John, G0GDU

  • Tony says:

    Thank you all for your magnificent efforts. Working Harris on 40 and 80m was great. The Monarchs on 40m even better.

    One little point. I note ny callsign on the on line log is shown as G6BVJ at 1951 on 5 May 10 with GM3PYE/P. It should be G8BVJ.

    Thanks again. Have an enjoyable rest of the expedition and a safe journey home.

    73 Tony G8BVJ (see QRZ.com for details)

  • Wolfgang Lewitzki says:

    I´m only an old fascinating listener of all Radio and happen to tune in your station on this for me untill now unknown island Harris in Scotland.
    My old Hammarlund SP 600 Radio from 1949 was still going strong when “Terry” this night was online.. He made me curious about your location. Best wishes from Storfors nearby Kristinehamn in Sweden. Sometimes your signal was excellent. My antenna is only an 20 meter wire, It´s divided to the receiver input through an little box with some magnet.

  • Rag LA5HE says:

    Wish you had been more on CW . NIce to work old Norwegian land ! hi

  • Giuseppe says:

    Hello Lawrence, I am Giuseppe IZ6CDI we connected today at 09:27 to 14,280 by 1000 the only contact that you misspelled my QRZ IL6CDI what exactly is IZ6CDI. Greetings and good DX.

    • Adam says:

      Hi Giuseppe,

      This is Adam G1UAF from the GS3PYE/P on Harris. Lawrence is busy working on 20m still and so I have just corrected your entry for him.


      Adam g1uaf

  • Hans / LA2MOA says:

    Tnx for the AO51 satellite QSO today at 14:26 UTC. Hope you got my locator correct, JP50hw. Terrible QRM from a UA3-station who was calling me at the same time as I was trying to work you. Thanks for the 55 report from IO67nt. Portable setup here: a FT-817, 5W into a home brew arrow style combined yagi with 9el on 70cm and 5 el on 2m.


    Hans / LA2MOA

  • Hello GS3PYE,

    thank you for the QSO via SO-50 sat! I wish you many DXes and of course nice weather on the Isle of Harris 🙂 All the best from the Hearth of the Europe – Czech Republic
    VY 73! Denis OK1DNT

  • Hey Guys,
    Was good to have a QSO with you, twice in the end as i was opperating as GB1WM Weybourne Mill in North Norfolk, is good to see that the isle of harris is getting activated, always happy to try and get a qso in, unfortunatly wasnt able to give you a call from my call M6EMT as everyone was asleep and i was unfamilure with setup to change pwr down…
    ill be sending a QSO card Direct to you anyway from my Callsign M6EMT
    many thanks and have fun during the time your up there!
    73 and all the best!!
    Kevin – M6EMT (GB1WM)

    • M0VFC says:

      Hi Kevin, thanks for the call from GB1WM – very nice to catch you last night. Sorry we couldn’t catch you on your own callsign, but we’re still around for another week if you’ve got HF capability at home. 40m is normally a good path down to the Norfolk area in the evenings, so we’d love to work you as M6EMT.

      If you don’t manage to make it through I’m sure we can reply with a QSL card to you for the GB1WM contact as well! (Once we’ve got them printed – it’ll probably be a few weeks after we get home to get the designs organised.)

  • KD4QMY - George says:

    Thanks for the QSO — 09MAY10, 14.291, 22:26UTC.
    Good luck with the DXpedition.
    73 de KD4QMY
    Macon, GA, USA

  • RUSS says:

    Hi Lawrence, Thanks very much for a new IOTA! Very nice web site and the best on-line log I have ever seen ! Good luck and have fun.
    73, Russ, WA2VQV

  • John, K3JWD says:

    Good luck with the DXpedition on the Isle of Harris.
    73, John, K3JWD
    Wilmington, Delaware, US

  • Garry Haynes says:

    Hi Mark,
    Nice to work you from the Isle of Harris a super signal
    from you,good luck to all with the DXpedition.

    Garry G4FLY.

  • Marc says:

    Gavin, thanks for EU 010 great signal over here.


  • Doug Alley says:

    Was just checking your log book for 0830 on 12 may 10. You have my call sign wrong. It is kg4ita not g4ita. Again you had a very nice signal here in to Szczecin, Poland, at least a 5X9. Thanks again for the short QSO and the chance to talk to you on the Isle of Harris. 73s from Poland

    Doug Alley (SP1/) KG4ITA

  • Sam Ford says:

    Hi Colin Tnx for bringing the beam around. ZSs have a rough time breaking thru the QRN/QRM!
    Enjoy the Dx-pediton ‘n we hpe to work you on the other bands, too!

    73 Sam ZS6BRZ

  • NIk says:

    Thanks Mark, Good to catch You on 80m hope to cath up with the group on some of the other bands!


  • david says:

    many thanks for the qso have a great time on harris lost you in heavy qsb hope im in the log got report

    • M0VFC says:

      Hi David, thanks for the call – sorry conditions weren’t better; you can check the online log using the link on the right hand side of the page – I hope we got you!

      Rob, M0VFC

  • Great operators, this is how it should be 🙂
    Thanks for the QSO’s and have great fun!

    73 de Ferry PD9FER

  • Nice to copy you yesterday with big QSB. Good professional operator working me. A BIG ciao ciao from Italy to ALL the team and thanks again to see you on my log. I will wait QSL card via Bureau service.

    73 de Nicola, IN3ADW

  • DJ3OS-Bernd says:

    Very good information site for a active HAM.
    Thank you. Bernd, DJ3OS

  • Mark Saunders says:

    Been following here in Colchester for the past hours from 14.45 GMT. 5 9 + down to 4 5. Best wishes cannot QSO as just moved home and still to set up my station. 73 G6 IWC

  • Cheers for teh contact guys!
    good to work you again from scotland
    have fun on isle of Arran,
    im going back home to North Uist between 1st – 9th July 2011
    hope to work you then

    All the best!

  • David G6KWA says:

    Great stuff. Can I work you on 2m (or try) tonight?

    • m1bxf says:

      Hope so Dave! We will be on but for obvious reason no realtime logbook so you may have to find us…

      • David G6KWA says:

        Great to work you guys on 2m tonight, a good signal from you. Slow heavy QSB up for 2 mins at a time so I was easily able to complete with you. Sonded like lawrence on the mic, but I heard you all in the background. Pleased with this contact since from home with the 9 ele Tonna and 40 w. Again the receiver in the TS-790 (without any pre-amp) proved itself. Don’t know what happened to the 2E0 just after my contact, he did not come back to your return as if there was a tech prob. Keep having fun, will try to work you again on HF or if you are on 2m again let me know.
        Best wishes,

  • Nigel G6XAC says:

    Good to see the PYE still flies on the airwaves!

    Also good to hear that the a bunch of guys from my old neck of the woods of Cambridgeshire. I used to live in Melbourn up until 2010 and miss it lots.

    One day we will be back!



  • Dario says:

    Thanks for the radio link 73 ‘and good DX
    by IZØTTG from ‘Italy

  • Bob DH8KM says:

    compliments ufb dxpedition , great website & great real time online log ,
    great sigs too … , best wishes to team , good dx & till the next time …
    73 … Bob , DH8KM ( wishing to visit Scotland again in future : good air , nice
    people , beautiful landscapes : all UUUFB )

  • Thanks very much for 80,40 & 20 contacts. Will be looking out for you on the other bands. Keep up the good operating!
    Roley G3VIR

  • Well done lads, was good to work you last night.
    Don’t drink too much ….
    John G0KFO

    • 2e0sql says:

      Thanks John, I think few of us did drink a bit too much last night and will be suffering with headaches this morning!

      73, Peter, 2E0SQL

  • 2E1FVS says:

    I can’t imagine how much custard you guy’s must get through on an expediton! Thanks for the QSO this evening on 40. Keep up the good work. 73

  • MS0SIA says:

    Good Luck Guys,
    Wish you all the best and will listen out for you
    73 de
    MS0SIA / MX0SIA/a
    (op: Kevin)

  • Dennis says:

    Good luck guys have a great time, following you on Twitter


    Dennis 2E0JWJ
    4 miles from Longleat.

  • Ray says:

    ufb op. on the VHF bands.
    tnx new locator on 2m and 6m :-)))

  • Peter Barrett says:

    Good luck guys. Hope the weather gets better for you. A ‘wee dram’ should help.


    Peter – G8PYE
    Plymouth, Devon.

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