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Camb-Hams DX Blog

Well, Neil G4HUN is still hammering away on 80m after Rob M0VFC did a good stint from around 18.05 till 20.55 UTC. As I write this we have managed QSOs totalling 173 on 80m, 1 on 6m and 5 on 2m. We have a realtime live logbook on our webpage here where you can see who has worked us and when and and what band and mode. You can also sort it by callsign, mode, band and operator – this was all written by Rob M0VFC who is, as I write this, coding a new logging interface as we have found our beta version of HRD ‘buggy’. The VHF setup seems to be working really well although there have not been much takers, hopefully that will change tomorrow.

Here are some pictures to give you a flavour of the setup here.


(The Camb-Hams trailer mast with the 2m and 4m/6m beams)


(Setting up the fullsize G5RV – across the sea loch!!!)


(Gavin M1BXF at the 4m/6m and 2m station)


(Neil G4HUN operation the HF station on 80m)

Time for bed! Some of us have been up since 2.30am yesterday…