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Camb-Hams DX Blog

Friday Evening 24th April 2009: 1900pm (By GM4HUN)

Well, that’s almost it. We’ve had a spectacular run on 20m and 40m today, as our QSO total from the shack approaches 4000. We’ve taken down the Spiderbeam and the VHF aerials, so we’re running on just the G5RV and the 40m dipole tonight. We’ve been blown away by the figures this time around. The other team members have done a marvellous job too. Allan, MM1BJP has now activated every SOTA on the island of Harris – all bar one of which have been first time activations. A mammoth task – well done Allan! Voi has had his final trip out activating WAB squares bringing his total to 11 (Including NB40 which is a special square this year as it is WAB’s 40th anniversary), and yet again has done a sterling job. On PSK31 Geoff, GM0DDX has rattled up 131 QSOs. Added to that we’ve had 3 SSTV contacts and 5 on CW.

Seamus has been busy doing some PR: he’s been chatting to the lady in the RNLI shop in Stornaway. Pat (The lady concerned) was very interested in what we’ve been up to, and she’s taken away details of the website, etc. We also had a visit from the local coastguard this morning. We thought we might be interfering with their comms – but it turned out the chap was licensed, and he’d been looking for us all week!

This evening we’re all enjoying a curry cooked by Aldo – and then its an early (ish) night ahead of leaving here tomorrow morning.

Thanks to all of you who have been in touch – be it by radio, email, or by commenting on this website. It has been huge fun, made all the better by knowing that the folks back home have been following our adventures. We enjoyed Mull last year: but we all love Harris. If you’ve never visited this part of the world then you have seriously missed out on one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of the UK. Do yourself a favour – promise yourself that you’ll come. If you do – be sure to bring a radio; it seems the whole world wants to speak to the Outer Hebrides!

Vy 73 from all of the GS3PYE/P team.

…-.- (dit dit)