Arriving at GS3PYE/P – Harris 2010

May 11th, 2010 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General


Arriving at Two Waters Lodge where the GS3PYE/P are operating from. 

You can see the arriving at the gate with the CRG banner for those driving past to see and then the satellite antennas in the front right, the van (Flossie) with the 20/15/10m spiderbeam on it then the 4m and 6m beams on the trailer mast to the left.  There are also various wire antennas in shot including 2 x 40m dipoles (right angles to each other), a full size G5RV and a 30m dipole.  The 80m dipole is strung up over the loch behind the house.

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