With a couple of days to go we have 7083 in the log. On route to 8000 we think. Colin is also giving the Kenwood TS-2000 a shot on CW now he has got back into it. M1BXF also worked fellow Camb-hams’er Brian G6HFS on 6m JT6m.

Scottish Loch on Harris Island

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Gav M1BXF pursuing his other passion – fly fishing one of the lochs. Unfortunately no decent sized fish, so all catches got thrown back to grow a bit more!

Another slightly better shot of Colin G4ERO operating from a summit. Taken from 2km away on another hilltop with a Canon EOS 450D and a 200mm telephoto zoom.

A short tour by Gavin M1BXF of the station setup in Harris, with a visit to the operators inside Flossie, and just in time to catch Lawrence M0LCM hit his 1000th QSO on this trip.

G4ERO operating /P

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Taken with my Nexus One via a pair of binoculars!

GS3PYE/P having great weather

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After 2°C last night with frost, the weather today is great! Colin G4ERO and Gavin M1BXF are off to a hill loch for fishing and CW /P.  the BBC carries the story that “Weather forecasters record coldest May night since 1996”.


Colin G4ERO dusted off his key for this DX’Pedition and got his Elecraft KX1 out to get himself back into CW, got to love the Camb-hams! He’s current working US stations on 40m using 2 watts into an inverted V antenna! Please work him if you hear him and bear in mind his CW is still a bit rusty but getting better: )


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After Gavin, M1BXF added a couple more entries this evening, we uploaded our latest logs to G7VJR’s ClubLog, and reached that magic number:

That’s just from this year’s trip (including the GM3PYE/P operation on the Monachs), which isn’t bad going. For those interested, the two DXCCs we’re missing on Phone are the Isle of Man (only 6m JT6m) and Cuba (40m PSK31).

Recent additions include (most recent first):

  • Sint Maarten
  • Jordan
  • St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Guyana
  • Dominican Republic
  • Panama
  • Cuba
  • St. Vincent
  • Jamaica

And so to bed…


Arriving at Two Waters Lodge where the GS3PYE/P are operating from. 

You can see the arriving at the gate with the CRG banner for those driving past to see and then the satellite antennas in the front right, the van (Flossie) with the 20/15/10m spiderbeam on it then the 4m and 6m beams on the trailer mast to the left.  There are also various wire antennas in shot including 2 x 40m dipoles (right angles to each other), a full size G5RV and a 30m dipole.  The 80m dipole is strung up over the loch behind the house.


Dave M0VMC and Rob M1XZG took the day off work to activate TW-005, Normanby Top and gave us a call on 40m. The picture shows M0VFC working them.