Left to right (to shame them all), Lawrence ‘I love ice cream’ M0LCM, Pete ‘I can’t swim’ 2E0SQL, Rob ‘ow my toe’ M0VFC and Bob ‘curvilicious’ G1SAA!

There was a suggestion to use this for the Arran 2011 QSL card image, comments please???

Main Team Members On Route

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The main team members are on their way from Cambridge to Dumbarton!

You can see the progress of the team on APRS.fi:

Unlike last years #fail (http://dx.camb-hams.com/2010/05/09/terry-g3vfc-can-work-pileups-cant-do-washing/) Gavin M1BXF and Colin G8TMV have managed to work out how to use Gavin’s mum washing machine and successfully put all weeks worth of dirty clothes through a full wash cycle and hang them out to dry.

To prove this is not a hoax photo evidence is attached!


Gavin M1BXF is an old member of the Helensburgh and District Radio Club which has since been reborn as the Lomond Radio Club (LRC) after a few venue changes.  Everytime Gavin makes a trip north he tries and meet up with the members and if possible give them a presentation on something new. 

After the SOTA activation Gavin M1BXF and Colin G8TMV headed down to the LRC and Gavin gave a presentation on updates from the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group (CRG) and Camb-Hams, especially the Arran DX’Pedition.


On Thursday Colin G8TMV and Gavin M1BXF activated SOTA summit GM-SS-066.  Colin managed 39 QSOs between 60m (5MHz) and 40m (7MHz) including Camb-Hams members Pete 2E0SQL, Bob G1SAA and Martyn M1MAJ.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Here is a time-lapse of setting up the 60m antenna.

Advanced team members Gavin M1BXF and Colin G8TMV managed to get on in the April 2011 6m RSGB UKAC.


Operating from the back of his car Gavin M1BXF operating GS6PYE/P managed to work G3PYE/P who was GS6PYE/Ps best DX of the night.


Forward team on route to Scotland

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M1BXF and G8TMV have just departed Cambridge, on route to Dumbarton for a few days’ break before the DX’pedition proper sets out next Saturday.

You can see their progress on APRS.fi:

(M1BXF-9 is an RF-based tracker; M1BXF-8 relies on cellular coverage – pick whichever one looks more recent!)

DX’Pedition Poster

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Lawrence M0LCM created a poster for use in promo material.  Please feel free to use it if you are talking about the Dx’pedition in your blog, article or webpage. Use the link under Media in the sidebar for a full resolution version.

So DX’Pedition members Colin G8TMV and Gavin M1BXF will be heading north a week before the rest for an extended holiday.  They will be staying in Dumbarton and on Tuesday will be active from IO76 square to give some points away.  Equipment will be an IC-7000, the groups 30ft mast and a 5 element Tonna.  Here is a plot of the horizon from the IO76 location http://www.heywhatsthat.com/?view=FLSLDMHO

Listen out for normal G3PYE/P lads in Flossie from JO02 and GS6PYE/P from IO76.

This weekend was the Kempton Park Radio Rally, near London, and we took the opportunity to collect the radios we’ll be using for our two main HF stations on Arran from two of our sponsors – Icom and Kenwood.

Icom have loaned us their brand-new IC-9100, HF to 23cm “shack-in-a-box” radio, and Kenwood the top-notch TS-590S HF/50MHz rig. Here’s a couple of photos of Mark (M0MJH), Rob (M0VFC) and Steve (M1ACB) picking up the radios:

Thanks once again to Icom, Kenwood, and Linear Amp UK for supporting us this year.

As well as collecting the gear, it was great to meet up with several members of the team, both those going to the island (2E0SQL, G3VFC, M0MJH, M0VFC, M1ACB) and those who aren’t able to join us, but who are keenly supporting us from home (G6NHU, M0RFD, and many others!)

It’s now just two weeks to go, and with the final planning meeting tomorrow evening, things are coming together nicely…

73 for now,
Rob, M0VFC