Why is 80m working so well ?

May 4th, 2011 | Posted by M1ACB in General

I spent another fantastic evening on 80m from GS3PYE/P last night and was asked many times why we were putting out such a good signal. I thought I’d go out today and take some pictures which might help to explain it.

The antenna is a vertical, based on a Spiderbeam 18m pole, with lots of radials. It’s ‘planted’ in the lower lawn, just next to the stream which runs through the garden.

80m vertical antenna

80m vertical antenna radials

80m antenna planted next to the stream

The antenna is great, but the view that the antenna has is fantastic. I took a walk up the hill behind the house this afternoon and took a panorama shot to show the whole 180 deg of water that we see from here to the west. I think this was a major factor when I worked so many US and Canadian stations on 80m on Monday night (using the Kenwood TS590S).

80m vertical antenna has a great view over the water

Last night I was using the Icom IC-9100 on 80m and had a huge pile-up. I called CQ once at the start, and then again after 3 hours – all the time in between was full of stations calling – great fun. I’m looking forward to having another go on 80m again tonight.

IC-9100 was in operation on the 80m vertical last night

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