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Camb-Hams DX Blog

We have never done schedules before as we are very adhoc in our operation which is very open to what we want to do on the day and how the HF bands are going, plus my (M1BXF) fishing schedule Smile The general VHF operating schedule will be starting around 6pm on Saturday, all day Sunday then mornings and evenings during the week, or when there is a scheduled contact or an opening, fingers crossed.

Our preferred frequencies (all +- QRM) and modes are;


Band MHz Power/Elements
6m 50.215 400w / 6
4m 70.210 160w / 7
2m 144.325 400w / 17

We may transmit a CW beacon on the above frequencies when no scheduled contacts are being made.


Band MHz Mode(s) Period Power/Elements
6m 50.235 JT6m/ISCAT 2nd 400w / 6
4m 70.230 JT6m/ISCAT 2nd 160w / 7
2m 144.375 FSK441 2nd 400w / 17

Other data modes on request. The 6m and 4m antennas will both be on the same mast and therefore must point in the same direction.

Reflectors wise we will be monitoring ON4KST. We will (subject to abuse) have an IRC chat running on and we can be emailed