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Camb-Hams DX Blog

So at the end of February we had out first meeting about this years dx’pedition. All went well and I thought I’d post a few notes about where we are;

    • 472kHz is progressing – TX is transverted from 80m on an FT-817 with RX direct with FT-817; With noted from other stations we are making a 472KHz BPF.
      • We plan to modify the Camb-Hams trailer to allow us to take 2x SCAM12 masts giving more options for beams on HF.
    • The outcome of this is we will have a 15m mono-bander.
  • We are constructing an elevation system for Flossie’s mast so we can be more active on EME, however the moon conditions are not best that week.

There are 2 contests we plan to be active in while in IO76. I’ve already sought out the help of a Card Writing Service to send out invitations to everyone.

    • Sunday 12th May – 70MHz CW
      • Tuesday 14th – 70cm UKAC, we might go to a better location for this contest.

We plan, when a band is not running or overnight, to run WSPR beacons so we can;

    • See when spots start to appear on the spotting network and thus know a band might be opening.
      • Allows us to see the propagation and antenna patterns to allow tweaking of our operation vs band schedule
      • WSPR beacons will also be run on VHF, that is 6m, 4m and 2m when they are not active also.

More items where discussed but these are the main points which will impact on how we have QSO’s and might help you best work us.