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Camb-Hams DX Blog

Throughout the week, Geoff G0DDX has been busy activating many of the Worked All Britain (WAB) squares around Islay. These are the 10*10km squares on the Ordnance Survey mapping system covering the UK.

Some squares are easy to reach – GS3PYE/P is in NR36, for example. Others require driving along some more exciting roads and farm tracks, and Geoff has activated many of these, and continues to do so.

Then there’s NR33:

With the nearest road about 4km away, and and with only a few square metres of dry land (none at the highest tides!), it needed a fair walk in through the scrub, with not even a footpath to follow. Challenged by Voi G0BOE back home in Cambridge, Colin G4ERO, Dom M0BLF and Rob M0VFC decided to activated the square yesterday – assuming we could get to it, which wasn’t a certainty!

When we got there, there was plenty of dry rock to get a couple of dipoles up, and we got both 30m CW and 40m SSB stations on air:

As well as the WAB square, we also activated SOTA summit GM/SI-201 on the way back to the car park, making for a nice day’s walk: