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10GHz operating plans

April 21st, 2012 | Posted by G4BAO in General - (0 Comments)

As Sir Humphrey Appleby of “Yes Minister” famously said,

“Our policy will be not to have a policy … and that will be flexible”

This sort of applies to 10GHz operation on Mull, but my plan is to operate so as to catch you poor unfortunates that have to work for a living, so look for us on ON4KST between 7am and 9am and 7pm and 10pm in particular. Also you can call us on any of the VHF bands if you hear us, and ask for a 10GHz test at any time we have the 10GHz gear connected up  

That said,  If you want a particular sked, i.e if you plan to go out portable, to save a cold lonely night on a hilltop, email me NOW john@g4bao.com and we’ll set it up.    

One time we will NOT be available for 10GHz is during Tuesday’s 144MHz UKAC.

And finally do remember, this is a fun trip for me, so don’t get grumpy if I decide to go for a walk in the hills or have a day trip to Iona or Fingal’s Cave when you want to work us. AGREE A SKED and I’ll be there as long as the equipment is working     



A picture is worth a thousand words

March 23rd, 2012 | Posted by G4BAO in General - (1 Comments)

IMAG0150 IMAG0151

So I guess two are worth two thousand.

Oh and by the way my 125MHz Thruline reads 1dB low at 144MHz so it’s nearer 650 Watts, for 17 Watts in.

To paraphrase Chief Brody in that wonderful scene in “Jaws”

“I think we need a bigger slug”

It’ll soon be squeaky bum time!

March 22nd, 2012 | Posted by G4BAO in General - (0 Comments)

I’ve nearly finished the first 800Watt 144MHz SSPA. I did the combiner extensions today…

IMAG0141 IMAG0139

(You can get the idea from the pictures.)

…and did some basic metalwork:


Just have to connect it all up and go for it!

Anyone got a 1kW 144MHz Bird thruline element I can borrow? I only have a 500Watt 50-125MHz one.

John G4BAO

Cool! Now I can Blog!

March 18th, 2012 | Posted by G4BAO in General - (0 Comments)

Really I can!

Checked out the other three 144MHz band III 400W PA conversions today, all going well. Just one scary moment when a tantalum electrolytic exploded, but no major Damage, just a bit smelly.

Had a look at the combiner as well and worked out how to split it and move it down to 144MHz, but I need some quarter inch 75 0hm PTFE cable (RG302) to do the output combiner; I don’t think my RG179 will take 800Watts! Can anyone help?