Found on Youtube by Gavin M1BXF. Thanks to Luca IS0YTG for posting his video clip working us on Harris from Sardinia.

Thanks to Martyn M1MAJ for the video – he goes on to say:

The summit, Y Llethr, was a fine one for playing radio: a wall for shelter, a nice flat grassy area for antennas, and wonderful views.view from Y Llethr by M1MAJ I’ve attached a more distant view of the station as there’s not really a lot to see of it in the video.

One thing we really noticed on our summit contacts was that the audio quality of GS3PYE was superb.

All home safely, and the QSLs begin

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As of about 2200UTC, we’re now all home safely – including G3VFC who had the extra 100 mile drive back to Kent. It was a fantastic trip – lots of contacts, lots built, lots learnt, lots of fun had by all. And quite a bit of custard consumed.

We spent a few moments on the journey back wondering how many QSL cards would be sitting on my doorstep when I got home, and having just about managed to force the front door open over the piles of envelopes, the answer turned out to be a rather amazing 91:

QSL Cards on return

QSL Cards on return

Thanks so much to all those who took the time to work us, the patience to crack some of the pileups, to those listening and supporting us back home, those who lent us kit, those who sponsored us, helped us with the 6m high power NoV, and to all those who thanked us for putting the station on air – it’d be worth nothing if you didn’t speak to us when we did so! Thanks, guys, all of you.

We’ll be sorting out our own QSL card in the coming weeks – we need to sort through our favourite photos from the trip first and get it designed, so please bear with us if you don’t get a card back immediately, but we will be on the case. I’ll post updates here as things progress.


Rob, M0VFC, and all the Harris team

Ready to get on the ferry.

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8000 QSOs!

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About this time last year, we were thinking 4000 QSOs might be a good target to aim for – and after packing down most of the station on the Friday afternoon, we eventually managed to struggle through to number 4000 at 2315 in the evening. This year we were here for two weeks, so 8000 seemed a natural target… a challenge, no doubt, as we expected to work most of those who were keen to get the island in their logs earlier rather than later, but we thought with a little more effort we could probably manage it.

Helped by the nearly 1700 contacts from the Monach islands, we managed the 8000 this morning with nearly a full day to spare, Colin G4ERO making the 8000th QSO shortly after passing his own 1000 mark – congratulations on both counts, Colin!

8000 QSO’s in the log

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Colin G4ERO just worked DF9IS on 20m SSB for the 8000’th QSO this year.

If you are in the UK you can watch Monty Halls’ Great Hebridean Escape (episode 4) where he visits the Monach Islands again showing were we operated from as GM3PYE/P overnight between May 5th and 6th. While he is there he helps the crofter Donald MacDonald who grazes his sheep on the island.  Donald and his son, who is not featured, were staying in the School House with us when we activated EU-111 and his son was telling us with pride that his dad would be on TV!  You can see Monty on the Monachs from the appropriate point on BBC iPlayer (only available in the UK).


Here is a picture Gavin M1BXF took of the seals lazing on the beach while on the Monachs, all the black are seals!

We dropped the Stornoway Gazette, our local paper on the Island an email asking if they would like to come visit and do an article on us, mainly for the benefit of those who seem to stop as they drive by and have a good look, probably wondering what on earth we are doing! Well we just had a phonecall confirming they are coming tomorrow with their photographer!  Time for a shower and shave I think.


6m is still going strong and we are at 260 SSB QSOs on 6m and 7755 total!

6m Opens at Last!

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At about 12:00z today 6m eventually opened for us after nearly 2 weeks of waiting!  We have added about 120 6m SSB contacts to the log in the past 2 hours 🙂


Thanks to ON4KST for the great maps based on the DX Cluster and you can see the GS3PYE/P spots from the Isle of  Harris in IO67 and GM4KGK from IO68 in Lewis.


With a couple of days to go we have 7083 in the log. On route to 8000 we think. Colin is also giving the Kenwood TS-2000 a shot on CW now he has got back into it. M1BXF also worked fellow Camb-hams’er Brian G6HFS on 6m JT6m.