GS3PYE/P Internet Down

May 9th, 2010 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General - (0 Comments)

The internet at the cottage has stopped working, well more precisely we have hit our 20GB limit.  We don’t think this was all us but for now the online log will not be updating as frequently as usual.  We can increase the limit and we will look at this on Monday 10th.

We will post an update when this is resolved


How much soap!

At 16:30 UTC M1BXF made contact with OX/N0RC via the AO-51 satellite to put the 5000th QSO in the log, at the actual time of writing we have 5070.  This total includes the activation from the Monach Islands. Unique entries, i.e. callsign vs band vs mode is 4811 so that is only 259 duplicates! 

No guesses who has the highest duplicates! Comments? 🙂


Looks like AMSAT liked this and have posted it upto Southgate News!

GS3PYE/P on 6m

May 9th, 2010 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General - (0 Comments)

As I write we are working stations on 50.144MHz SSB – please give us a call!

As lunch time on Saturday approaches, we have to bid farewell to two of the group who have to be back in Cambridge next week. Geoff G0DDX and Adam G1UAF have headed off to the ferry. Tomorrow, Martin G3ZAY heads off as well, but soon we hope to have Voi G0BOE joining us.

The obligatory group shot in front of Flossie – left to right
back row: Lawrence M0LCM, Martin G3ZAY, Geoff G0DDX, Rob M0VFC, Colin G4ERO and Mark M0MJH.

front row: Gavin M1BXF, Adam G1UAF and Terry G3VFC.


Currently 4597 QSOs in the log and a Magners (cider) in hand. Adam G1UAF and Geoff G0DDX have just left for home.

We are about to start playing on the higher HF bands, 18MHz and 21MHz are the targets.

Why we come to Harris

May 8th, 2010 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General - (0 Comments)

Best viewed with 720p mode in Youtube directly – click the Youtube logo.

Early Morning Start

May 7th, 2010 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General - (3 Comments)

Rob M0VFC and Gavin M1BXF are planning a reasonably early starts tomorrow (Saturday 8th).  Bands we will likely operate are 40m or 20m (depending on conditions) plus 6m and 4m.  Keep an eye on Mike G7VJRs DXLite cluster for where we end up.


After fixing issues with the computer controller for the elevation rotator today we have managed 28 satellite contacts using SO-50, AO-51, HO-68 & VO-52. We will be using more satellites over the next few days.