23cm EME – Progress report

March 13th, 2014 | Posted by G4BAO in General - (0 Comments)

The attached photo shows the 4x23ele yagis and the Spid rotor set up on my dish mount at home. The small white box with the heatsink is the transverter. (the big grey  box is my 13cm EME transverter)


I’m currently doing some RX tests using the sun noise to cold sky noise ratio which is a disappointing 4 dB at the moment but I’ve just thrown it together so far, so I’ll try and optimise everything on RX, do some “sums” and see how close to theoretical my RX performance is.

EME is all about decimals of dBs!

I plan to listen “off the moon” tonight and see if I can receive anything when the moon comes up later today and if any of the big stations are on.         

The Decca’s Original Purpose

January 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General - (0 Comments)

The cottage we are staying in for the 2014 DX’Pedition, The Decca, is so named for its original purpose.

The Decca Navigator System was a hyperbolic radio navigation system which allowed ships and aircraft to determine their position by receiving radio signals from fixed navigational beacons. The system used low frequencies from 70 to 129 kHz. It was first deployed by theRoyal Navy during World War II when the Allied forces needed a system which could be used to achieve accurate landings. After the war it was extensively developed around the UK and later used in many areas around the world.