2m EME (Earth Moon Earth)

May 1st, 2012 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General - (0 Comments)

John G4BAO has been having a great time working 2m Meteor Scatter on our MS working frequency of 144.375MHz but, as moonrise in IO66vh is late morning John, thought we would have a go at some EME (Earth-Moon-Earth).  Well, the results were fantastic with 3 stations, JE1TNL, UA3PTW and PA2CHR, being worked using WSJT JT65b in quick succession.  The signals were actually audible at times which, considering the GS3PYE/P 2m setup is a single 17 (beaten up) element Tonna, an SSB masthead preamp and 400w on TX (with no elevation), John and the team are very happy!

Here is what the WSJT trace looked like at times when we worked JE1TNL in Higashikoiso near Tokyo, Japan. The direct terrestrial distance from Mull to Japan is 9342Km. Via the moon it’s 737,782Km.



And here are the traces from our contact with UA3PTW, in Bogoroditsk south of Moscow, Russia. The direct distance between us is 2799Km; via the moon 737,782Km




QRT from Lunga

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We’ve made 1100 QSOs as GS6PYE/P from Lunga in the Treshnish Isles (EU-108).  The boat’s here, and we’re  on our way back to join the rest of the group as GS3PYE/P on Mull. 73s!

Survived the night on Lunga

April 30th, 2012 | Posted by Peter, 2E0SQL in General - (1 Comments)

Steve and Dom have reported that they survived the first night on Lunga although it was a very wet and windy and they’re down to one radio due to a tent leak during the night.

Update: Pleased to report that the radio survived its soak test!

Side DXpedition to Lunga (EU-108)

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Yesterday (Sunday 29th April), a small group of 5 operators left the main team on Mull to come to the uninhabited island of Lunga in the Treshnish Isles (IOTA EU-108).

G3VFC, G4HUN, M0BLF, M0MJH, M1ACB boarded a tourist boat to Lunga at lunchtime. The boat comes to Lunga to drop off a number of tourists – mainly birdwatchers – who want to take photographs of the island’s large puffin colony. Unlike the tourists, however, we were staying the night, and so we had to bring a lot of gear with us.

Within about an hour of landing, our three tents (one operating tent, and two others for sleeping in) had been erected, as had verticals for 40m and 20m. We were soon on the air using an IC-706Mk2G and an FT-897. By nightfall, we had 822 QSOs in the GS6PYE/P log. (Note the number ‘6’; the team on Mull are using GS3PYE/P.)

This morning, as I type this lying uncomfortably on the floor of one of the tents, the weather has changed for the worse. Yesterday it was bright and sunny, if a little windy. The wind has died down a bit, but it’s now overcast, and we had some rain overnight. Unfortunately, the operating tent leaked slightly, and we suspect the Yaesu rig has water in it, so we’ll only have one rig for the rest of the day, until we can dry the affected rig out. We will be on later today, though; we’re off-air right now because we’re using the generator to cook our breakfast and heat our tea, but we will be back shortly!

We leave Lunga this afternoon, so if you need the Treshnish Isles, you have only a few hours left to work us. Please do call us; we want to get to 1000 QSOs before we leave.

M1DST made a video and uploaded it to YFrog of Rob M0VFC operating GS3PYE/P on 40m after finishing building this brand new K3.

Station setup in the cottage

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IMG_6884When this photo was taken, clockwise from the back left, HF station 1, on 40m, HF2 on 80m, HF3 on 30m CW, Data station on 15m and HF4 on 20m.

GS3PYE/P Antennas (at distance)

April 29th, 2012 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General - (0 Comments)

Here is a picture of the GS3PYE/P antennas from one of the small hills next to the cottage, open in full size for better viewing…


VHF Setup

April 29th, 2012 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General - (5 Comments)

So we are now on the island and as usual the weather is very good!  Just look at the sky in the below photo of the VHF antennas!


Left is the 60ft mast of Flossie with a 2m 17 element Tonna on top, and a 60cm dish for 10GHz under.  To the right is the 4m 7 element YU7EF EF0407 beam on the top of the 40ft trailer mast and a 6m 6 element YU7EF EF0606  element below.  All are fed with Ecoflex-15.


Next is the 2m station consisting of an Icom IC-910 and above the M1BXF data interface for JT modes or similar.  We are also QRV for voice and CW.



Also run by the 2m op is the 10GHz station of which most is at the top of the 60ft mast of Flossie.  the driver is an FT-817.  Under the FT-817 is the CW keyer/beacon and above the Softrock to monitor the IF for 2m.



6m and 4m are run from the same operator. 6m on the left is an Icom IC-756pro3, the white box is the M1BXF data interface for JT modes. To the of the Icom is the Flex-1500 which is the IF for 4m with the transverter and 300w PA in the box above the rotator controller to the right of the Flex-1500.  To the right of those boxes is the 48v PSU (on the bottom) for the 4m PA, above the M1BXF SOMR box (to combine/split audio/mic between 6m & 4m) then an M1BXF voice keyer above that.



And then come the amps… Smile  Left of the 2 is the Yaesu Quadra for 6m and the right is a Sagra-600 for 2m.  Both easily produce UK legal output.


First morning in Scotland

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I write this as we travel up the A82, wonderful scenery and great company – definitely a good start to the week!

The day dawned bright and sunny – blue skies with scattered cloud, and a brisk 7 degrees celsius as we travel along the shores of Loch Lomond on the way to the ferry port at Oban.

We’ll be doing a last shopping trip in Oban for perishables and then catching the ferry across to Mull.

As we are a larger group this year some of us decided to stay at a Travel Lodge and about half the group stayed at Gavin M1BXF’s parents last night – thanks again to their wonderful hospitality!

And the DXpedition is underway…

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We are on our way from Cambridge to Dumbarton!

You can see the progress of the team on APRS.fi:

Rob M0VFC is driving Gavin M1BXF and Pete 2E0SQL
Bob G1SAA is driving Mark M0MJH and Steve M1ACB
Phil M0DEG is driving Lawrence M0LCM, John G4BAO and Steve G8CRB
Flossie G3PYE is being driven by Colin G4ERO and Terry G3VFC
Geoff G0DDX and Linda G0TPX are driving Neil G4HUN

Dom M0BLF and Martin G3ZAY will be heading up later