Meet the Harris Camb Hams – week 1

May 8th, 2010 | Posted by m0lcm in General

As lunch time on Saturday approaches, we have to bid farewell to two of the group who have to be back in Cambridge next week. Geoff G0DDX and Adam G1UAF have headed off to the ferry. Tomorrow, Martin G3ZAY heads off as well, but soon we hope to have Voi G0BOE joining us.

The obligatory group shot in front of Flossie – left to right
back row: Lawrence M0LCM, Martin G3ZAY, Geoff G0DDX, Rob M0VFC, Colin G4ERO and Mark M0MJH.

front row: Gavin M1BXF, Adam G1UAF and Terry G3VFC.

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  • 2E0DGW says:

    A rare photo this… G3VFC without some sort of food item in hand!

    You certainly seem to have the weather up there… and lots of fun! I almost wish I were up there with you!

    I hope that Week 2 goes well for you all, and maybe catch you on air… if I get chance with some sort of radio kit and Antenna… knowing what work is like, maybe not, but we will try!

    73 all!

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