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May 2nd, 2011 | Posted by M1ACB in General

Please help us test the blog by posting a comment below …. 



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6 Responses

  • peter says:

    test comment

  • Steve says:

    Another test comment

  • Andy M0VKG says:

    Test! Nice to work you guys last night on 80!

  • Jim K2XC says:

    Thanks for taking the time to work with me and get my call correct on 80 meters. I have a low voice and my last call letter ”C”, is a soft sound and sometimes gives me trouble on long dx contacts with my 100 watts and band conditions. I use “Charlie, Canada and China on most transmissions but when that fails I pull out chimpanzee but that did not work. Finally Steve pulled out the C with my long “charrrrrrlieeeeee”. I have to give credit were it is due and it’s surely due on this occasion and I am positive that Steve is a reflection of the quality of the whole team. Thank you all.
    73 K2XC

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