Operating Frequencies in Sidebar

May 6th, 2011 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General

Some of you may have noticed an update to the site yesterday where we added a widget to the top right sidebar showing the last frequency each station was seen on – this should make it easier for you to find and work us.

This widget only shows stations which have logged a QSO in the past 25 minutes, anything older is removed (on the assumption that the station has closed down).

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  • I love the idea of your DXpeditions! I was very happy to QSO with GAV on 20 meters a little earlier and look forward to following the results of all your efforts! Good luck Guys! And happy DXing!


    • m1bxf says:

      Hi Suzi,

      Nice to work you before on 20m, the band was busy and the pileup fairly constant so wasn’t able to chat for longer. We are here till Sunday but will start dismantling most of the station tomorrow (Saturday) for a fairly early departure back to Cambridge England on Sunday…

      Gav, M1BXF.

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