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May 21st, 2015 | Posted by M0VFC in General

G0TPX on 40mIt’s nearly the end of the week for us, and almost everything is now packed away – just leaving a single station on 40m for this evening.

We hit the magic 10,000 QSO mark earlier this afternoon after a bit of a race between myself (M0VFC) and Martin G3ZAY on 20m and 17m CW, matching each other almost QSO-for-QSO. We eventually called a truce at 1,850 QSOs each. However, Steve M1ACB holds first place with 2,235 QSOs – clearly keen to keep his hands on the fluffy sheep that rewards the operator making the most contacts in the week!

Thanks to everyone who called us over the week. We’ve had a fantastic time, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed working us as well, whether on one band or many.

Congratulations to F5IAE for working us on seven bands: 6m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m, 40m and 80m. Managing six bands were: PE1RLF, SP9FKQ, VO1SA and OK2PAY.

Tomorrow morning we start the journey back to JO02 square, where we can all start rebuilding our respective shacks, having emptied them for this week!

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5 Responses

  • Dennis says:

    I only worked your station once this year, it was a pleasure as always, and I look forward to next year, have a safe trip home, 73 Dennis 2E0JWJ

  • willy says:

    Tnx for contact via satelliet. Nice contact.Sat was at 10 degrees up for me.it was a long shot between buildings. Hi! Very happy with it.

  • Fred says:

    Well done lads. Not always very strong in London area but with good ears by the excellent operators, I got in your log on 40M CW. Thanks. Safe journey home lads

  • Mike Anon says:

    Delighted to work Terry on 40m SSB, your report, 59+15db, the KX3 & linear were working well!. I enjoy good received audio & however you have the KX3 set up is perfect, helped of course by Terry’s dulcet tones. Congratulations on a great expedition. Thank you all.

    • M0VFC says:

      Thanks Mike! Rig was a K3 rather than KX3, but nothing special done. Sennheiser PC350 headset or similar model on most of the stations which helps keep the background noise down (on RX and TX).

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