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Camb-Hams DX Blog

Welcome to the Camb-Hams DXpedition site. Here you’ll read all about our adventures, trips and activities operating Amateur Radio from locations such as Harris, Arran, Mull and other Scottish Isles. We’ll also post pictures and videos, and during our trips we will have our logbook updating in real-time.

Islay 2023

We’re back on Islay for 2023. We’ll be on air Sunday 30th April to Saturday 6th May, on HF and the narrowband QO-100 transponder.

Skye 2022

After two years missed due to Covid, we finally made it to the Isle of Skye in May 2022.

Isle of Man 2019

Departing from our normal tradition of the Scottish Islands, in 2019 we operated as GT3PYE/P from the Isle of Man.

Islay 2018

A second visit to Claggan Farmhouse on the Isle of Islay - more distilleries to visit, and more QSOs to make.

Islay 2017

Our first visit to the Isle of Islay. As well as our usual GS3PYE/P operation, we activated all the SOTA summits on Islay, and all WAB squares in a week of excellent weather.

Arran 2016

Five years after first visiting the Isle of Arran, we returned to enjoy excellent propagation to North America - albeit with plenty of ticks and midges!

Mull 2015

We returned to the Old Ferry House, Isle of Mull in May 2015.

Lewis 2014

Check out what we are up to on the Lewis 2014 Page.

Mull 2013

Check out what we are up to on the Mull 2013 Page.

Mull 2012

Check out what we are up to on the Mull 2012 Page.

Miquelon September 2011 (CUWS)

For details of the CUWS IOTA and DXCC DX’Pedition to Miquelon look here.

Arran 2011

Check out what we are up to on the Arran 2011 Page.

Harris 2010

Harris 2009

Mull 2008

  • For an overview of the Mull 2008 DX’Pedition please look here.
  • Check out what we are up to in the Mull 2009 diary.