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Camb-Hams DX Blog

Between September 23rd 2011 and October September 30th 2011 five hams from Cambridge, England will be active on Miquelon (prefix FP) part of The Territorial Collectivity of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

The trip has been organised by the Cambridge University Wireless Society (CUWS) which have the club call G6UW, however as we can not use this callsign in Miquelon we need to use FP/<homecall>, so listen out for:


A keen IOTA activator and chaser, Martin is also President of CUWS. His past activations include VP8, ZD7, ZD8, YS, OY and many others. He is also a volunteer guide at Bletchley Park.


I have been a radio ham for almost 40 years. I enjoy morse code and wish I was better at it! Now my family is grown up I have more time for radio – Miquelon is my second DX’pedition and I hope to do many more. In my day job I am Director of Technology at the Centre for Risk Studies in the Judge Business School in Cambridge University and I also run a small software company.


I am a 29 year old technical author in Cambridge, UK. I am an enthusiastic radio amateur and am interested in web development. I hold a PhD in the discourse of Hugo Chávez.

Licensed 4 years ago aged 16. About to enter the third year of my undergraduate (electronic) engineering degree. Other interests include all things railway related.


First licensed in 1996 age 11, I now enjoy a wide variety of radio-related activities, from DX’peditions and other portable operations to RAYNET (voluntary emergency communications) and contesting, both on HF and VHF. When not playing radio, I’m a software developer, and occasionally the two hobbies get mixed up. For something completely different, I also fly power kites and occasionally dabble a little in photography.


First licensed in 1997 aged 17, now 31, and my main interest lies in constructing, VHF and DX’Peditions (/P operation). I am also very active within the HF and VHF contest scene in the UK and serve as the technical coordinator for the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group. I work in cellular approvals as a consultant on mobile device testing a conformance which takes me all over the world. More about me on my homepage.

QSL Information

This is important if you want a QSL card.

For QSL cards we ask you do not send us cards via the bureau, instead please request a return bureau card using the email address registered on the operator’s home callsign QRZ entry.

If you work more than one operator and would like a direct QSL card from each then please send all cards direct to Martin, G3ZAY. Martin will then organise the correct cards to be sent back in one envelope.