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Camb-Hams DX Blog

**Latest news on the Mull 2015 [DX’Pedition blog](**
**QSL information: [our QSL policy for 2015](**

Continuing the Camb-Hams traditional Scottish Island activations, beginning with Mull in 2008, Harris in 2009 plus 2010, Arran in 2011 and Mull in 2012 plus 2013 then Lewis in 2014, we’ve decided to return to the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Inner Hebrides (IOTA EU-008) this time back to the great location of Grasspoint which we found was excellent for HF band operation

  • HF bands from 80m and 40m through10m will be covered with four stations , all capable of running the legal power limit from five linear amplifiers
  • 6m, 4m and 2m with a great take-off to the UK and Europe, again all at legal limit
  • 2m and 70cm satellites
  • With the continued success of EME, we will be QRV on 2m EME

Equipment wise, here’s a taster:

  • HF
    • 4 * Elecraft K3 transceivers on HF
    • 3 * Elecraft KPA-500 amplifiers
    • Expert 1K-FA HF linear
    • 5B4AGN and DuneStar transmitting band-pass filters
  • VHF 6m
    • 6m: Elecraft K3 transceiver
    • 6m: Yaesu VL-1000 “Quadra” linear
    • 6m: 6 element YU7EF wide spaced
  • VHF 4m
    • Icom IC-756ProIII transceiver
    • G4DDK Anglian transverter
    • 300W solid-state linear,
    • 7 element YU7EF wide spaced
  • VHF 2m
  • Satellites
    • Icom IC-910 transceiver
    • Wimo X-Quads
    • Preamps
    • Yaesu G-5500 computer controlled rotator system

We’ll be on air from Friday 15th May until Thursday 21st May.



Last time we were at Grasspoint Cottage in 2013 this was the antenna farm (click to open enlarged);

Antennas along the beach

You can also check out the Diary for that DX’Pedition showing what we got upto back then.