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Camb-Hams DX Blog

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The Camb-Hams were formed in early 2006 as the social and public-facing side of the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group (CRG). The Camb-Hams are made up of people from many of, but not exclusively, the various Cambridge radio groups including CUWS (Cambridge University Wireless Society), CDARC (Cambridge and District Amateur Radio Club) and Cambridge RAYNET. More info on the main Camb-Hams site.

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The Camb-Hams are off to the Isle of Arran for the 2011 DX’Pedition. The dates will be from May 1st till May 8th 2011 from a cottage on the west of the island near Balliekine IO75HO. As usual, most HF bands will be activated with SSB, data and some CW (but please be patient!). VHF operations will be on 6m and 4m SSB/data (JT6m), and being a little more south than Harris, we will also activate 2m both SSB/data (FSK441). We may also have time for 2m and 70cm satellites.

Some portable VHF activations will be done around the island with the group’s portable operating shack Flossie. This year the CRG has a new callsign – G6PYE – which we will use alongside the traditional G3PYE. As the activation is in Scotland, the prefix becomes GS for a club station in Scotland, so listen out for both GS3PYE/P and GS6PYE/P.

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