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Camb-Hams DX Blog

Info about the CAMB-HAMS DX-pedition to the Isle of Mull between April 26th to May 3rd 2008. The diary can be read here.


The Camb-Hams sat at one pie and pint in late 2007 and decided we had to do some IOTA, SOTA, WAB or VHF portable operation in 2008. Suggested locations were made for SOTA, others for WAB or VHF and many ideas were mentioned for which island(s) to activate for IOTA, most of which were tropical! It was then realized that we can do it all on the Isle of Mull. At this point the Camb-Hams DX-pedition to the Isle of Mull was born.We plan to be predominantly operational on most HF bands (inc. 5Mhz), 6m and 2m. We will also have the capability for 4m and 70cm operation, but will only be QRV if there is enough demand. Please see the sections below for more information on each operating section. The G3PYE call sign which will be used from base camp belongs the CRG (Cambridgeshire Repeater Group) and as the activation is in Scotland the prefix becomes GM3PYE/P or GS3PYE/P, both of which will be used. SOTA, WAB and VHF operation from IO66 will be under the operators own call sign, they are listed below in the ‘Operators’ section. Please see the QSL information at the bottom if you are interested in a QSL response.Base camp is at Carsaig on the south coast of the island, OS ref NM545215, lat/long 56.19.31N 5.58.53W, IOTA group EU-008, WAB NM52 and maidenhead square IO76ah. For more info on any aspect of the trip please email us at For skeds email us at


(Isle of Mull)


Confirmed operators for Mull: Gavin, M1BXF. Bob, G1SAA. Neil, G4HUN. Daryl, G0ANV. Allan, MM1BJP. Dave, M0VMC. Voi, G0BOE. Geoff, G0DDX. Rob, M1XZG. Colin (BJP’s brother), tea boy.


ICOM_LOGOICOM are in on the act! They are supporting us and have provided an IC-756pro3 + PSU + speaker, an IC-7000 and an IC-703 for the DX-pedition. Many thanks to Ian Lockyer and the team down in Herne Bay for this support!On top of this we will have an a second IC-756proIII, an FT-847, an FT-897D an IC-910H, a VHF amp, an HF amp plus a handful of FT-817D’s (for SOTA).


We plan to run on 2 band simultaneously. The HF stations will consist of 2 x Icom IC-756proIII radios, one will be running into a Ranger amplifier. The antennas will be a full-sized G5RV, 20m 1/4wave vertical and a 40m 1/4wave vertical. Verticals are mainly being used due to the small area required to erect them. One station will be running CW and the other SSB, both will be used for datamodes at various times to give RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV operators a chance to work us – keep an eye on the DX clusters.


(80m Slinky Vertical)


We plan to work as many WAB squares as possible while on the island. There are 25 WAB squares available but we think 3 of them (NM23, NM33 & NM61) will be difficult to activate. Listen out for us on the rest, mainly under the operators own call sign /M. Base camp is in NM52. More details of the dates and times of operation will appear once we have a good idea of the weather. If you have demand for a particular WAB square please send us an email at and we will endeavor to prioritise the most popular squares.WAB

(WAB Squares)


The Isle of Mull falls into the Inner Hebrides group in IOTA. It’s reference is EU-008. At the time of writing EU-008 has been worked by 36.1% of IOTA participants.Also on the cards is a trip to Treshnish, IOTA reference EU-108. Only claimed by 19.8% of IOTA participants so this is going to be a welcomed activation by many. Unfortunately due to the logistics of the trip we will only be able to activate Treshnish for around 6 hours. It’s still weather dependant but we currently plan to activate it on Wednesday 30th April 2008 so listen out for us. A more accurate activation schedule will appear a few days before going…


(Mull IOTA Groups)


We will be active on 6m and 2m for most of the time while on the island. We will be capable of 4m and 70cm activity but will only setup the 4m and 70cm stations if there is enough demand. Radios in use will be an FT-897D or FT-847 for 6m and 4m and an IC-910H for 2m and 70cm. Antennas will be a 5ele Tonna beam on 6m, 4ele Jaybeam on 4m, a 17ele Tonna beam on 2m and a 22ele Tonna beam on 70cm, all will be mounted on our 10m trailer mast but due to size restrictions only 2 antennas can be mounted at any time.Base camp is just in the western edge of IO76 but we also plan to do some /P operation from IO66. SSB, JT6m and FSK441 will be the preferred modes on all VHF/UHF bands and skeds are welcome to If we have internet access you will find us on ON4KST chat (GS3PYE/P) or MSN IM@Camb-Hams.Com. If there is no internet access then any requests for skeds during the trip will be forwarded onto us by other means such as directly over the radio!

VHF Squares1

(Maidenhead Grid Squares)

QSL information

UK Stations should include a stamped addressed return envelope.Europe: 1x IRCRoW: 2x IRC.Our QSL manager is Neil G4HUN. QSL cards for GM3PYE/P & GS3PYE/P, and where possible any SOTA, WAB, Treshnish (IOTA EU-108) and VHF from IO66 cards (to operator’s own call) should be marked as QSL manager G4HUN and sent via the RSGB Bureau or direct to G4HUN:

Neil Whiteside, G4HUN

15 Strympole WayHighfields



CB23 7ZJ

Please do not enclose cash or loose stamps with your cards. Those cards submitted without the appropriate return postage will receive their QSL card via the bureau. All QSL enquiries should be directed to


Logs will be uploaded to Logbook of the World, eQSL, IOTA and SOTA as quickly as possible after the trip.