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Camb-Hams DX Blog

The Monach mini DX’Pedition is over. We managed 1664 contacts in total, thanks to all who worked us.

We are operating from the Monach Island between May 5th and May 6th 2010. Operations will be on 80m, 40m, 30m and 20m. Both SSB and CW but CW will be mainly on 30m. Operators were Martin G3ZAY, Colin G4ERO, Rob M0VFC and Gavin M1BXF.

The Harris 2010 diary with Monach 2010 tags will have updates during our trip as well. We expect to have an online logbook but all this can only be updated if we have cellular coverage.

Please note: We have a scheduled contact at 19:00 UTC and may disappear off-air for 30 minutes on the SSB station whilst we complete this contact.

QSL Manager:

Robert Chipperfield, M0VFC, 13 Harlestones Road,Cottenham, Cambridge, CB24 8TR.

QSL via the Buro or Direct. For direct QSLs please (for each country) enclose: UK 1x SASE; Europe 1x IRC; RoW 2x IRC.