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Camb-Hams DX Blog

About this time last year, we were thinking 4000 QSOs might be a good target to aim for – and after packing down most of the station on the Friday afternoon, we eventually managed to struggle through to number 4000 at 2315 in the evening. This year we were here for two weeks, so 8000 seemed a natural target… a challenge, no doubt, as we expected to work most of those who were keen to get the island in their logs earlier rather than later, but we thought with a little more effort we could probably manage it.

Helped by the nearly 1700 contacts from the Monach islands, we managed the 8000 this morning with nearly a full day to spare, Colin G4ERO making the 8000th QSO shortly after passing his own 1000 mark – congratulations on both counts, Colin!