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Camb-Hams DX Blog

So we had our first planning meeting last night (Feb 23rd) where 8 of us, not the full Arran lineup, got the first chance to run through the dx’pedition and some of the main points which came out were;

Bands of operating:

  • 2 x HF voice
  • 1 x HF data / HF CW
  • 6m SSB and data (JT6m/ISCAT/FSK441)
  • 4m SSB and data (JT6m/ISCAT/FSK441)
  • 2m SSB and data (FSK441) We will probably only be operating 2m /P using the call GS6PYE/P.
  • 2m/70cm satellites (with a working rotator this year)

Antennas will be:

  • 160m – Inverter L
  • 80m and 40m – 1/4 verticals
  • 20m/15m/10m – Spiderbeam
  • 6m – 6 element YU7EF
  • 4m – 7 element YU7EF
  • 2m – 17 element F9FT
  • Sat antennas TBD but cross yagis

As the location of the cottage is not great for VHF to EU we propose to leave Flossie available for /P operation around the island. Worth mentioning we will use GS3PYE at the cottage and GS6PYE/P for portable operations.

We will also make a better effort to keep everyone updated with the radio aspect of the DX’pedition in the Arran Diary page including frequencies in use etc.

Colin G8TMV will be co-ordinating SOTA and is aiming to activate some of the hills never before been activated on the island.

More points to follow…