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Camb-Hams DX Blog

We’re very pleased to announce the following companies who are very generously supporting this year’s DX’pedition:

  • Icom are lending us one of their brand new IC-9100 “shack in a box” transceivers, covering top band through 23cm, including D-STAR support. This has been eagerly awaited world-wide, and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to be one of the first groups to test this rig on a DX’pedition!
  • Kenwood are lending us a TS-590S, their “K3 killer”, an HF rig with outstanding performance. Several of us have been looking very longingly at these whenever we visit the Kenwood stand at rallies, and so getting a chance to put this through its paces in a relatively demanding environment is going to be great.
  • Linear Amp UK have once again agreed to lend us their Discovery 64 high power 6 and 4m linear, which performed so admirably last year – on the occasions we got some sporadic-E at least! Here’s hoping for a little more Es this year, which added to our more southerly location, means we’re looking forward to more VHF contacts from Arran. This year they’re also lending us a Challenger HF linear, which coupled with our own Linear Amp UK Ranger 811 (courtesy G1SAA) and Icom IC-2KL (from M0VFC, assuming he repairs it on time) means we should be a good signal on all the bands!

Thank you, all of you, for help making the trip as successful and enjoyable as possible – both for us on the island, and everyone else back at home who we’re hoping to work :-).