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Camb-Hams DX Blog

This weekend was the Kempton Park Radio Rally, near London, and we took the opportunity to collect the radios we’ll be using for our two main HF stations on Arran from two of our sponsors – Icom and Kenwood.

Icom have loaned us their brand-new IC-9100, HF to 23cm “shack-in-a-box” radio, and Kenwood the top-notch TS-590S HF/50MHz rig. Here’s a couple of photos of Mark (M0MJH), Rob (M0VFC) and Steve (M1ACB) picking up the radios:

Thanks once again to Icom, Kenwood, and Linear Amp UK for supporting us this year.

As well as collecting the gear, it was great to meet up with several members of the team, both those going to the island (2E0SQL, G3VFC, M0MJH, M0VFC, M1ACB) and those who aren’t able to join us, but who are keenly supporting us from home (G6NHU, M0RFD, and many others!)

It’s now just two weeks to go, and with the final planning meeting tomorrow evening, things are coming together nicely…

73 for now,
Rob, M0VFC