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Camb-Hams DX Blog

We thought it was a shame that there was no recorded evidence of Mark’s QSO with the VK7s so it was decided last night to try and emulate the success of Wednesday’s attempt and make contact again. VK7ZE and VK7XX were emailed and Mark received an email back from VK7ZE agreeing to be on frequency at 0600 UTC. Rob (M0VFC) agreed to get up early to video the attempt.

Contact was made at around 0620 UTC on the 7th May and was recorded at both our end of the QSO and at VK7ZE. Below is Laurie’s recording.

MM0MJH pedestrian mobile 06.26UTC 7 May 2011

Mark also tried lowering his power this time as the path was so good between all stations. He was copied down as far as 0.5w and given a minimum signal report of 53 on that power.

Video to follow later…