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Camb-Hams DX Blog

If all goes according to plan (and see from the picture that the transverter needs some work still), we will be taking a state-of-the art 10GHz system to Mull.

It will consist of a DB6NT transverter driven at 144MHz feeding a Micom 10 Watt SSPA and has a GPS locked G4HUP DFS Local oscillator. The antenna is a 60cm “Sky” dish with a W1GHz dual band horn feed.


Most of the parts for this equipment have been kindly loaned by UK Microwave group awards manager Dave Powis G4HUP, in return for me assembling them so that he can later use them from home.
10GHz will be a challenge from Mull as it is far from any activity centres but with suitable conditions and enough publicity I hope to make a few QSOs. I for one will be praying for rain so we can do some rainscatter, but with the right stations we may also be able to do aircraft scatter and normal tropo contacts.

I’ll keep the website updated as the transverter build continues.

John G4BAO