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Camb-Hams DX Blog

Those who follow @g4bao will know that last week I checked out the first of our modified Band III 400Watt modules on 144MHz. It produces a mouth-watering (and linear) 400Watts PEP with 10 Watts in, and has “a bit to spare” (No Gavin, that does not mean we can overdrive it and blow it up!)

Today, I modified the other three modules and plan to check them out tomorrow or Monday. I then have to look at producing two pairs of “two in to one” RF splitters and combiners from the pair of “four in to one” units that came with the original 1500W 4-bay amplifier. Watch this space for progress.

The 10GHz system has been checked out in the workshop and is ready to air test. Currently it is sitting on a tripod in my garage. The current plan is to take it out in Flossie next Saturday lunchtime and run it up on air. To this end, we need two runs of RG58, one BNC to BNC and one BNC to N plus enough decent 12V cable to go from the van to the top of the mast to ensure that we still have at least 13 Volts up top when it’s taking 10 Amps.

We have already been asked for 10GHz skeds by stations in three DXCC call areas, with promises of activity from G, GM and GI, all this before we’ve done any publicity in the Microwave fraternity. Contact if you would like to arrange a sked on 10GHz. Talk back will be on 144.185MHz and Internet permitting, via ON4KST.