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Camb-Hams DX Blog

As Sir Humphrey Appleby of “Yes Minister” famously said,

“Our policy will be not to have a policy … and that will be flexible”

This sort of applies to 10GHz operation on Mull, but my plan is to operate so as to catch you poor unfortunates that have to work for a living, so look for us on ON4KST between 7am and 9am and 7pm and 10pm in particular. Also you can call us on any of the VHF bands if you hear us, and ask for a 10GHz test at any time we have the 10GHz gear connected up

That said, If you want a particular sked, i.e if you plan to go out portable, to save a cold lonely night on a hilltop, email me NOW and we’ll set it up.

One time we will NOT be available for 10GHz is during Tuesday’s 144MHz UKAC.

And finally do remember, this is a fun trip for me, so don’t get grumpy if I decide to go for a walk in the hills or have a day trip to Iona or Fingal’s Cave when you want to work us. AGREE A SKED and I’ll be there as long as the equipment is working