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Camb-Hams DX Blog

So we are now on the island and as usual the weather is very good! Just look at the sky in the below photo of the VHF antennas!


Left is the 60ft mast of Flossie with a 2m 17 element Tonna on top, and a 60cm dish for 10GHz under. To the right is the 4m 7 element YU7EF EF0407 beam on the top of the 40ft trailer mast and a 6m 6 element YU7EF EF0606 element below. All are fed with Ecoflex-15.

Next is the 2m station consisting of an Icom IC-910 and above the M1BXF data interface for JT modes or similar. We are also QRV for voice and CW.


Also run by the 2m op is the 10GHz station of which most is at the top of the 60ft mast of Flossie. the driver is an FT-817. Under the FT-817 is the CW keyer/beacon and above the Softrock to monitor the IF for 2m.


6m and 4m are run from the same operator. 6m on the left is an Icom IC-756pro3, the white box is the M1BXF data interface for JT modes. To the of the Icom is the Flex-1500 which is the IF for 4m with the transverter and 300w PA in the box above the rotator controller to the right of the Flex-1500. To the right of those boxes is the 48v PSU (on the bottom) for the 4m PA, above the M1BXF SOMR box (to combine/split audio/mic between 6m & 4m) then an M1BXF voice keyer above that.


And then come the amps… Smile Left of the 2 is the Yaesu Quadra for 6m and the right is a Sagra-600 for 2m. Both easily produce UK legal output.