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Camb-Hams DX Blog

John G4BAO has been having a great time working 2m Meteor Scatter on our MS working frequency of 144.375MHz but, as moonrise in IO66vh is late morning John, thought we would have a go at some EME (Earth-Moon-Earth). Well, the results were fantastic with 3 stations, JE1TNL, UA3PTW and PA2CHR, being worked using WSJT JT65b in quick succession. The signals were actually audible at times which, considering the GS3PYE/P 2m setup is a single 17 (beaten up) element Tonna, an SSB masthead preamp and 400w on TX (with no elevation), John and the team are very happy!

Here is what the WSJT trace looked like at times when we worked JE1TNL in Higashikoiso near Tokyo, Japan. The direct terrestrial distance from Mull to Japan is 9342Km. Via the moon it’s 737,782Km.



And here are the traces from our contact with UA3PTW, in Bogoroditsk south of Moscow, Russia. The direct distance between us is 2799Km; via the moon 737,782Km