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Camb-Hams DX Blog

If you are reading this then I hope we managed to work you while on Mull. It was our best year yet for QSO numbers and we had lots of fun doing the DX’Pedition, speaking to so many people all around the world and we managed to work stations in over 100 countries without trying, DXCC it is then.

If you did work us and wish to receive a QSL card from your QSO via the buro then we can save you the time and effort of you sending us one. Making use of Michael G7VJR’s brilliant Clublog you can check your QSO history with us and then request a QSL card online, saving you sending us one. This is not a replacement to direct QSL cards, which should still be sent via M0VFC, but it saves you and us time organising buro QSL cards.

Use the search box to start.