4m Meteor Scatter Fun

May 11th, 2013 | Posted by Gavin, M1BXF in General

With 4m becoming more available in more European countries all the time we always know coming to the west coast of Scotland where the squares are pretty devoid of resident radio hams would make for fun operating, well with a slow start to the first full day of operating the band started to open.

Here is what the trace for 2 periods was like, this was 5 unique stations calling. Checking the online logbook we worked 11 stations in 35 minutes which was an average of one every 3 minutes or so – this was obviously not MS propagation alone…


Something we should clarify, there were a few questions from people why we were working a list on 4m, while we don’t run a strict list, when you put so much kit into a van, travel 600km and then setup a good station (a situation many people will not be familiar with), you need a method to control the madness.  A “list” for us is a way to gauge interest and try and give those who need the square, vs those who just want the QSO, priority.  We still welcome random QSOs and at times we need to ignore some callers in priority of others, apologies for that but we will try and work you!

See you on ON4KST.

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