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Camb-Hams DX Blog

The GS3PYE/P trips always involve two sorts of operator: those who are eager to make as many QSOs as possible, and those who want to try new things or just gain some experience. With 13 of us on Mull this year, there’s plenty of room for both.

Traditionally, those of us who are interested in getting high rates have a mini-competition to see who can reach 1000 QSOs in the week first. The custom logging software we use, M0VFC’s CamLog, lets us see how many QSOs each operator has made but this year we wanted a more public display in the shack.

One of the advantages of running your own logging database is access to all of the QSO information, which makes creating dashboards to display information relatively easy. As a result, I was able to write CamLog Dashboard, which runs permanently on a screen in the shack. Every 8 seconds, a new ‘slide’ is displayed, which includes not only the number of QSOs made by each operator, but also total QSOs, incoming tweets about the DXpedition and mode split, as well as the current operating frequencies of all active stations.

CamLog Dashboard showing QSOs per operator

To ensure your tweets to us are displayed in the shack on the dashboard, you can mention @g3pye or use the #mull2013 hashtag.