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Camb-Hams DX Blog

Thanks to everyone who worked me (or tried to) last night on our 55el Yagi +150Watt system that I’m taking to the Isle of Lewis IO68 a week on Friday. The exercise was very worthwhile, as I shook out a number of bugs in the system, which was my first use of my TS2000X direct on 1296.

First of all the TS2K was 890Hz off frequency, so this morning I’ve reset the TCXO against a Rubidium locked sig gen and I should now stay within 100Hz or so.

Secondly the “dreaded TS2KX fan drift” was very obvious last night, so I’ve done the K0BT mods to run the fan slowly on receive, and that seems to have done the trick. Nice one Bob for that simple mod!

The two “big guns” I worked, HB9Q and UA3PTW were “CW copy” level. The other station I worked, I1NDP would probably also have been workable on CW with some effort. If you have that size of station, I’ll be happy to try a CW sked from IO68.

See the Sked request page for details :

After about 21:45, the moon was behind some trees so that would probably explain my failure to hear people after that time. The Isle of Lewis is far enough North not to have many trees, so that will not be an issue from GS3PYE/P.

Remember we are also taking 144 JT EME 400Watts to a 17 element and will be QRV on 70 and 50MHz MS as well as all the HF bands

John G4BAO