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Camb-Hams DX Blog

A little excitement earlier today when the indoor shack (i.e. the thing we’ve turned the dining room into!) started smelling of expired components. After investigation, it turned out to be from G1SAA’s Elecraft KPA500 amplifier, and after disassembly we spotted the source – a surface-mount capacitor on the input to the low pass filter board.

Popped C19 on KPA500

Thankfully after a quick email to Elecraft support, we found the value of the capacitor, and a quick email to Roger GM4PMK who lives on the island, we had a replacement part which Gavin M1BXF fitted – and the amp lives again!

KPA500 repair

Thanks very much to Roger for the part and Craig at Elecraft for his swift reply and help.

(This post bought to you while waiting for S9 static rain to clear through…)