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Camb-Hams DX Blog

G0TPX being awarded BaaabaraAnd we’re on the way home. 10,299 QSOs in the log after a final session on 40m last night.

After breakfast on the ferry, the now-traditional awarding of a stuffed sheep this year went to Linda, G0TPX, for her fantastic patience in making over 500 QSOs this year. The animal in question got an upgrade this year, and has been named Baaabara. “Little Flossie”, the previous mascot, will go to Steve M1ACB for making the most QSOs.

Despite some pretty nasty weather at times, the only antenna casualty was one section of fibreglass pole. The repaired KPA500 continued working well to the end, and all other radio gear performed well throughout.

Congratulations to F5IAE for the most QSOs in the log at 14 (over 7 bands), followed shortly by M3JFM, OK2PAY and SP9FKQ at 9 QSOs each.

Now we just need to decide where to go next year…