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Camb-Hams DX Blog

We have analysed the GS3PYE/P and GS6PYE/P logs using Clublog and are extremely happy to report that we had a total of exactly 9100 QSOs from 108 DXCCs and 7380 distinct callsigns. The number of countries per band was as follows :

[![]( "Arran Group")]( GS3PYE/P Team

160m: 08
80m: 54
40m: 61
30m: 50
20m: 94
17m: 43
15m: 42
10m: 08
6m: 14
2m: 08

If you have a Clublog account, you can view the full analysis here

We are all incredibly grateful for the 7380 individual stations who called us while we were operating from the Isle of Arran. We would also like to especially mention the 266 QSOs with M3, M6 and /QRP stations – it really was great to speak to you.

The dxpedition was a very enjoyable success because so many people took the time to contact us, many of them making the extra effort to work us on a number of different bands. Thank you.

A big thank you also to our supporters from Icom UK, Kenwood UK and Linear Amp UK for the loan of some really great equipment and for trusting us to look after it.

Please view the online logbook and QSL via M0VFC (direct or via the bureau) if you’d like a card.